New Book

featuring two chapters on the Feldenkrais Method®




The publication of New York Times best-selling author Norman Doidge’s The Brain's Way of Healing is an exciting moment for those of us who use and enjoy, and teach and study the Feldenkrais Method because it includes two chapters on how the Feldenkrais Method can promote healing through neuroplastic changes. It also includes mention of our very own David Zemach-Bersin, cofounder of Feldenkrais Resources and a frequent teacher at the Feldenkrais Institute of San Diego.

In his last book, The Brain That Changes Itself, Dr. Doidge takes as his subject the brain’s ability to change its own structure and function in response to experience—a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. This adaptability has only recently become widely accepted in the medical community. In his new book, The Brain's Way of Healing, Dr Doidge explores a variety of approaches to neuroplastic healing. Dr. Doidge shows how the brain’s capacities are highly dynamic, and that the brain’s sophistication allows for a unique and gentle kind of healing.


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