Marg Bartosek


Feldenkrais® Practitioner


Bones for Life Teacher®

Life has turning points, those experiences that forever change our viewpoint or direction. For me, a major turning point came when I was almost completely paralyzed and bed-bound at 36 years of age with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.


I realized that this illness and its long recovery process allowed me to experience first-hand some of the difficulties of limited mobility that can negatively impact physical, mental and emotional health in older age -- and walk away from it.  In learning to move again, I found myself “moving younger,” in large part due to the Feldenkrais Method®.


Convinced of the potential of this approach to learning and improved well-being particularly as we get older, I enrolled in a four-year Feldenkrais Professional Training Program. Since 1990, I've been teaching Awareness Through Movement® classes with an emphasis on helping students maintain movement in middle age and resolve movement limitations  encountered in their daily lives as they age.  I enjoy problem solving, both with students in class and with private students in Functional Integration® lessons. I've helped people maintain or regain movement after illness or surgery, musicians experiencing challenges or seeking to maintain prowess, and people who sit for many hours. Some of my students make regular classes or private lessons part of their healthy aging lifestyle.


Watching family and friends age, I am convinced that how we move has a big impact on how we feel. The way we sit, stand and walk and how we manage the most mundane of actions—standing up from a chair, reaching to the top shelf, turning over in bed, picking up something from the floor—often determines our ability to continue to do things we enjoy. How we move also affects our sense of ourselves and our willingness and ability to try new things. When movement is limited, life is often less enjoyable. Sometimes a small change makes a huge difference! In addition to movement, issues of posture and balance often arise as we move through life. I teach lessons specifically related to these concerns and am a Certified Teacher of Bones for Life®, an awareness-based movement program based on principles of the Feldenkrais Method. I also extend the approach to walking, in Walk for Life® lessons using walking poles.  For the past four years, I have offered classes specifically for People with Parkinson's disease, integrating the Feldenkrais approach to PD-specific exercise and concerns.  I am a Certified Instructor for PWR!Moves (Parkinson's Wellness Recovery) and have completed the Delay the Disease training for for movement instructors.


To discuss how I might help you, please contact me.