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The Moving Younger newsletter includes an article related to healthy aging or maintaining movement as we get older, often related to research in this area.  In addition, a short movement lesson allows you to try something yourself at home, and the current class schedule gives you the option to join a class.




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Sept 2020

Fall Classes - ATM and Mindful Movement   with Parkinson's

August 202

New Resources for Health and Aging

June 2020

Freedom, Independence and the Feldenkrais Method


May 2020

On-Line Classes - Addressing Your Concerns

April 2020

Links to on-line or free ATM lessons

March 2020

Online Resources in Challenging Times

February 2020

Getting Closer to the Floor - An Unusual Approach

Lessons to Reduce Falling

January 2020

Three Easy "Peaces" for Rrelaxation and Stress Relief

November 2019

Back Trouble?  Take the Feldenkrais Approach

Late September 2019

Movement Trouble?  (Almost) Twenty Questions to Ask

Early Sept 2019

What's A Feldenkrais Lesson?

Video Excerpt: Feldenkrais for Parkinson's Disease

Aug 2019

Movement Lesson: Hands Release the Back

July 2019

Fall Prevention TED Talk & Balance Recovery Resources

May 2019

2019 Feldenkrais Summit

April 2019

Free On-line Feldenkrais Awareness Summit


March 2019

Movement Lesson:  Imagining Uprightness


Feb 2019

Walking Backwards & Humorous Walking

Jan 2019

Movement Lesson:  Connecting Shoulders to Walking


Nov 2018

Getting Better at Any Physical Skill

Sept 2018

Research: Improvements Classes Provide to Older Adults

July 2018

Regaining Your Equilibrium & Avoid a Fall

June 2018

Developing Your Movement Intelligence

April 2018

Exercise: Supercharged 401(k) for the Brain


Feb 2018

Platform for Class Accessibility at Sr. Center

Dec 2017

Trying Feldenkrais Method for Chronic Pain: New York Times

Oct 2017

Breakthrough in Treating Alzheimer's

Sept 2017

Conscious Walking for Parkinson's Disease

July 2017

Recover your Balance: Movement Practice

May 2017

Benefit Your Brain - Land Those Heels

March 2017

Easier Turning - Free Your Neck

Jan 2017

More Comfortable Sitting & Upright Posture


Dec 2016

Take in the Good - Counteract the Negative

Oct 2016

Bones Exert a Surprisingly Big Influence

Sept 2016

Relief from Pain and Limitation -Visualize!

August 2016

Should I Practice this at Home?

July 2016

Video:  Feldenkrais in Everyday Life



Improve Posture: Awaken your Upper Back

May 2016

Feldenkrais Week: A short Movement Lesson


April 2016

Flexible Ankles: a short movement lesson

March 2016

Want to Learn Faster?  Increase Variability


Feb 2016

Norman Doidge on The Feldenkrais Method®


Jan 2016

Creative Pursuits = Healthy Aging


Dec 2015

Happy Bones are Healthy Bones


Nov 2015

Living in the Blue Zone


Oct 2015

Improve Your Turning


Sept 2015

Senior Center Month Events


August 2015

We Get What We Practice

Aligning the Head and Neck


July 2015

Are ATM's Cognitively Enhancing?


June 2015

Creative Ways to Get Up after a Fall


May 2015

Short Balance Recovery Practice


April 2015

Walking: Unique, Variable, Open to Improvement


March 2015

Brain's Way of Healing -Link to Excerpt

What About a Flat Belly?


Feb 2015

Shoulders in Walking?

A SHort Walking Lesson


Jan 2015

Gratitude-Key to Living (and Aging) Well


Dec 2014

Friendships=Longer, Happier, Healthier Life

Short Lesson:  Ankle Stability for Balance


Nov 2014

Movement of Breath & Rib Case


Oct 2014

The Inspiration of Breath & Short Lesson


Sept 2014

The Importance of Downtime


August 2014

Maintaining Telomeres for Long-term Health

Reducing Arm and Wrist Strain


July 2014

Walking Speed and Longevity

Moveable Shoulders


June 2014

Little by Little, Day by Day

Website/New Email


May 2014

Stand Tall and Live Longer?


April 2014

Move Slowly with Attention

Releasing the Lower Back


March 2014

Rewrite the Pain Equation

Easier Squatting


Feb 2014

Change Your Age Mobility Survey


Jan 2014

Sit Well this Year

Awareness in Sitting


Dec 2013

Change your Brain: Hardwire Happiness

Release Your Neck & Upper Back


Nov 2013

Live Long & Prosper: A Clue!

Give Yourself a Hug


Oct  2013

Living in the "Blue Zone"

Flexible Hips & Legs without Stretching


Sept 2013

Mindful Exercise Helps Dementia

Improve Turning


August 2013

Posture and Independence

Finding Upright Alignment --Fast!


July 2013

Move Younger: Interrupt Your Sitting

Short Sitting Lesson


June 2013: 

Brain Neurobics -- Tips for Easier Sitting

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