2013 Newsletters


June 2013: 

Brain Neurobics -- Tips for Easier Sitting


July 2013

Move Younger: Interrupt Your Sitting

Short Sitting Lesson


August 2013

Posture and Independence

Finding Upright Alignment --Fast!


Sept 2013

Mindful Exercise Helps Dementia

Improve Turning



Oct  2013

Living in the "Blue Zone"

Flexible Hips & Legs without Stretching


Nov 2013

Live Long & Prosper: A Clue!

Give Yourself a Hug


Dec 2013

Change your Brain: Hardwire Happiness

Release Your Neck & Upper Back

2014 Newsletters


Dec 2014

Friendships=Longer, Happier, Healthier Life

Short Lesson:  Ankle Stability for Balance


Nov 2014

Movement of Breath & Rib Case


Oct 2014

The Inspiration of Breath & Short Lesson


Sept 2014

The Importance of Downtime


August 2014

Maintaining Telomeres for Long-term Health

Reducing Arm and Wrist Strain


July 2014

Walking Speed and Longevity

Moveable Shoulders


June 2014

Little by Little, Day by Day

Website/New Email


May 2014

Stand Tall and Live Longer?


April 2014

Move Slowly with Attention

Releasing the Lower Back


March 2014

Rewrite the Pain Equation

Easier Squatting


Feb 2014

Change Your Age Mobility Survey


Jan 2014

Sit Well this Year

Awareness in Sitting